Ready-made CloudSlang content is hosted on GitHub in the cloud-slang-content repository. The repository contains CloudSlang content written by the CloudSlang team as well as content contributed by the community.

The cloud-slang-content repository contains ready-made CloudSlang flows and operations for many common tasks as well as content that integrates with several other systems.

The repository may contain some beta content. Beta content is not verified or tested by the CloudSlang team. Beta content is named with the beta_ prefix. The community is encouraged to assist in setting up testing environments for the beta content.

For more information on the content contained in the repository, see the docs page.

Running CloudSlang Content

The simplest way to get started running ready-made CloudSlang content is to download and run the pre-packaged cslang-cli-with-content file as described in the Get Started section.

Alternatively, you can build the CLI from source and download the content separately. To build the CLI yourself and for more information on using the CLI, see the CLI section.


When using a locally built CLI you may need to include a classpath to properly reference ready-made content. For information on using classpaths, see Run with Dependencies.

Running Content Dependent on Java Actions

Some of the content is dependent on Java actions from the cs-actions repository. CloudSlang uses Maven to manage these dependencies. When executing an operation that declares a dependency, the required Maven project and all the resources specified in its pom’s dependencies will be resolved and downloaded (if necessary).


Maven version used in the CLI, Builder and cs-actions is 3.3.9 There might be some issues while building the Java Actions with other versions.

Running Content Dependent on External Python Modules

Some of the content is dependent on external python modules. To run this content follow the instructions found in the python_action section of the DSL Reference.

Contributing Content

We welcome and encourage community contributions to CloudSlang. Please see the contribution section to familiarize yourself with the Contribution Guidelines and Project Roadmap before contributing.